Saturday, March 19, 2011

Working On my Blessings Jar

Last Christmas I started this Blessings Jar- I've been neglecting it a bit.  Sadly, because of last week's events in Japan and at Jon's work, I've been reminded to reflect on my blessings....

I am blessed with:

- a healthy spouse
- a healthy, beautiful, effervescent little daughter
- a safe, warm, comfortable home
- family and friends
- Jon's chocolate chip pancakes
- safety and stability in life
- peace

Here are a few moments of my life....moments I am forever blessed with!

Arie slowly waking up...watching Finding Nemo....while we made breakfast:

 Jon making pancakes for us:

We spoiled her by letting her eat chocolate chip pancakes while watching Nemo....

 This is one of my favorite photos although it is a bit blurry....on our first walk this Spring....

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