Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Aurelia's Sixth Birthday

My first baby turned six today. 

How is it possible that this baby is now a big girl in Kindergarten? She has such a fun albeit strange and quirky personality--it has been so fun seeing her develop. 

Aurelia's birthday is always very emotional for me. I'm not sure what Sophie's birthday will be like for me, but Aurelia's birthday six years ago was the day my whole world changed. I was 23, only about a year in to my marriage and my job at the Senate office, and so unsure of everything. Postpartum depression came swinging at me a few months later, and I was never the same again. 

Six years postpartum- life is good. Life is full with two beautiful sweet girls in my life. A marriage that gets stronger every day, and I'm at a stage in my career my 23 year old self never thought I could achieve. 

I take Aurelia's birthday off every year. Not just to pause and celebrate this amazing human being in my life but to also pause and remind myself how far I have come. The first year of Aurelia's life was probably the toughest year of my life. 

I am full of gratitude today.

So grateful for this amazing child that brings magic to our house through her hilarious imagination and spirit. 

So thankful for the opportunity to be her mom.

Happy birthday, Aurelia--my sweet sweet girl. My hope for you is that you keep your unique, quirky, spirit alive for decades to come, and you do so with unabashed enthusiasm.