Monday, January 24, 2011

I don't want to go home...

Maui was a total dream come many things to do and see... we were lucky we saw most of the island. 

The best part of the trip was getting to know Jon's Aunt Clair.  On one of the first nights, she said to me... "You're not just on vacation in're visiting Haycraft family memories and history."   It was really fun to see all of the places Jon used to visit as a child and the memories he had...he was so happy to be back.

I am not looking forward to the cold MN winter....Maui weather was absolutely perfect.  It only rained at night and it was sunny and about 80 the whole time we were there.  How lucky...

On Friday, we went to Upcountry- where the farming and green pastures are.  There were cute little towns and so much local art!  We went to flower gardens and shopped in the little boutiques... but by far the best in upcountry we saw was the Ali'i Lavender Farm.  You could smell the lavender the moment you stepped out of the car... it was so cool... AND it was FREE!  They also did everything in a sustainable manner....when they started working on the farm, they worked with local merchants and artisans to outfit their gift store instead of taking business away from the locals... how cool is that?

Saturday, we went on the Road to Hana...and drove home on the road NOT meant for tourists.... and there's a reason for that... it's super scary... we should have known better!  We made it home safe though--thank GOD!  We swam in the Pools of Oheo, saw a black sand beach, and many many waterfalls and drove through a bamboo forest!  AMAZING!

I wish I could stay forever.. it's too beautiful....

Here are more photos from our trip....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Amazing Maui

We've had a few very busy days- but still feeling very relaxed!  I don't want to leave- EVER. (ha!)

This vacation has been such a dream- the people are so nice here and Jon, Arie, and I are having a blast!  Here is a list of things we've been up to the last few days:

-Kapalua Bay Beach
-Snorkeling, whale watching, turtle watching, trip to Molokini Crater
-Shopping and sight seeing in Wailea (Ritzy area of Maui)
-Iao Valley Park
-Checking Lahaina out....awesome arts scene! AND the Banyan tree is crazy huge!

Aurelia even came snorkeling with us!  They had a little board especially for babies and folks who weren't comfortable with the snorkel gear.  The crater was fun- although the variety of fish wasn't there, it was still a great experience.  We saw a few whales--a calf and a momma whale too!  The sea turtles are so magical....when they went back in the water, Arie said, "Where'd they go???"  It was adorable. 

The beaches here are amazing!  The clarity of the water is unbelievable.  At Kapalua Bay, there were people snorkeling right off the beach. 

We went to the Iao Needle and hiked around the park there.  It was amazing to me to see such lush forest after a 5 min drive from the ocean. 

Last night, we went to the Old Lahaina Luau.  Aurelia was just having a ball!  She loved the dancers and even tried to do the hula as she watched.  She met a little boy named Charlie at the next table and flirted with him a bit.. it was his 2nd birthday. 

I could write so much more, but I should really get back to Arie and Jon :)

Here are a few photos:

Today we're not sure what we're going to do.... maybe baby beach so Arie won't be too scared....the Maui Ocean Center?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easy Going Sunday

Today we no real sight seeing but we went to church- the service was fairly longer and the community invited us to the potluck :) 

The church we went to was the church Jon's grandparents belonged to and the one he went to as a kid when visiting his grandparents.  The people were so sweet and the food was amazing!

Aurelia of course loved the pool again today, and Clair introduced us to two Canadian couples and their families that she happened to meet this past week.  They were really fun and we had drinks and apps by the pool with their families.  One of the couple's favorite countries that they've visited on their honeymoon was BURMA!  They had so many great things to say about Burma- it made me so proud.

I am excited for tomorrow's adventures, but am glad we just took it easy again today- Aurelia is slowly adjusting to the time difference :)

Here are a few photos:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maui Day Two

Today we tried the beach again with Arie--she's still very very afraid of the ocean- I think it's too loud for her.  We only lasted on the beach for about 25 mins. before we gave up on the beach with Arie- nothing was going to get her to calm down.

So we decided to drive up the Road to Hana a bit to Paia and Ho'okipa Beach.  We didn't want to do a long trip so we stopped a little after Ho'okipa and stopped to watch the surfers at the Beach- the water was just so pretty....and it was fun to watch people snorkeling and surfing.  We are going to trip to swim at this beach at some point this week since there are little calm pools Arie may enjoy.

We did a bit of shopping in Paia--found some fun Christmas gifts already!  After we got home, we went swimming at the pool (Arie's new favorite activity).  Aurelia woke up at 5 am again today and she apparently learned to say a new word!  She just kept saying...swimming?  swimming!  swimming.......ha!

The Condo complex had a "Pupu" Party by the pool this evening--basically a potluck.  It was really great food and a free dinner!  Aunt Clair introduced us to all of her friends there and a WWII vet (a good friend of Uncle Vernon's)  sang a song to me.  It was adorable.

We took it easy again we should since we're on vacation :)

Here are a few photos:

Friday, January 14, 2011

First Day on Maui

Simply put, Maui is amazing. 

I haven't even seen most of the island--we walked around a little, swam in the pool at Aunt Clair's condo, ran some errands, cooked out, and listened to Clair's stories about the Haycraft family. 

We also saw Haycraft Park today.  We couldn't walk around the park because it was flooded but it was still cool to see since I've heard so many stories about Jon's grandparents who lived here for many years, his Uncle Vernon who helped Grandpa Haycraft clean up the beach, and Aunt Clair....

Aurelia is still readjusting to the time difference, but she is enjoying every minute of the warm weather, the pool, and all of the junk food she gets to eat...ha!

Having dinner with Aunt Clair and hearing all of the stories of Jon's family reminds me so much of my trips to Burma--the late night talks about family....these talks and time together make trips like this one so much more worthwhile.

I also tested out taking photos in Manual Mode :)  I'm so excited!  I don't have many photos because today was really more about rest and relaxation and time to be with family, but here are a few....I especially like the one of Arie's's curled up since we got here :)

View from the condo:

The pool:

 Aurelia enjoying Skittles on the veranda: