Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maui Day Two

Today we tried the beach again with Arie--she's still very very afraid of the ocean- I think it's too loud for her.  We only lasted on the beach for about 25 mins. before we gave up on the beach with Arie- nothing was going to get her to calm down.

So we decided to drive up the Road to Hana a bit to Paia and Ho'okipa Beach.  We didn't want to do a long trip so we stopped a little after Ho'okipa and stopped to watch the surfers at the Beach- the water was just so pretty....and it was fun to watch people snorkeling and surfing.  We are going to trip to swim at this beach at some point this week since there are little calm pools Arie may enjoy.

We did a bit of shopping in Paia--found some fun Christmas gifts already!  After we got home, we went swimming at the pool (Arie's new favorite activity).  Aurelia woke up at 5 am again today and she apparently learned to say a new word!  She just kept saying...swimming?  swimming!  swimming.......ha!

The Condo complex had a "Pupu" Party by the pool this evening--basically a potluck.  It was really great food and a free dinner!  Aunt Clair introduced us to all of her friends there and a WWII vet (a good friend of Uncle Vernon's)  sang a song to me.  It was adorable.

We took it easy again we should since we're on vacation :)

Here are a few photos:

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