Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easy Going Sunday

Today we no real sight seeing but we went to church- the service was fairly longer and the community invited us to the potluck :) 

The church we went to was the church Jon's grandparents belonged to and the one he went to as a kid when visiting his grandparents.  The people were so sweet and the food was amazing!

Aurelia of course loved the pool again today, and Clair introduced us to two Canadian couples and their families that she happened to meet this past week.  They were really fun and we had drinks and apps by the pool with their families.  One of the couple's favorite countries that they've visited on their honeymoon was BURMA!  They had so many great things to say about Burma- it made me so proud.

I am excited for tomorrow's adventures, but am glad we just took it easy again today- Aurelia is slowly adjusting to the time difference :)

Here are a few photos:

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