Friday, January 14, 2011

First Day on Maui

Simply put, Maui is amazing. 

I haven't even seen most of the island--we walked around a little, swam in the pool at Aunt Clair's condo, ran some errands, cooked out, and listened to Clair's stories about the Haycraft family. 

We also saw Haycraft Park today.  We couldn't walk around the park because it was flooded but it was still cool to see since I've heard so many stories about Jon's grandparents who lived here for many years, his Uncle Vernon who helped Grandpa Haycraft clean up the beach, and Aunt Clair....

Aurelia is still readjusting to the time difference, but she is enjoying every minute of the warm weather, the pool, and all of the junk food she gets to eat...ha!

Having dinner with Aunt Clair and hearing all of the stories of Jon's family reminds me so much of my trips to Burma--the late night talks about family....these talks and time together make trips like this one so much more worthwhile.

I also tested out taking photos in Manual Mode :)  I'm so excited!  I don't have many photos because today was really more about rest and relaxation and time to be with family, but here are a few....I especially like the one of Arie's's curled up since we got here :)

View from the condo:

The pool:

 Aurelia enjoying Skittles on the veranda:

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