Friday, March 11, 2011


Like I wrote last week, time just flies when you're having fun!  I absolutely had a blast today.  It was a great balance of Arie's favorite activities and mine as well!  We went to the Roseville Library and made some friends....I signed up for the Saint Paul Moms Meetup group!  This will be a fun adventure for the both of us. 

We also went to an antique store to look at table cloths and for me to find inspiration for my art... loved it!  We found some fun vintage postcards and some cool cheap puzzles for Arie... she's obsessed with puzzles lately! 

I am also working on a layered ruffled curtain set (inspired by this tutorial) for Arie's eventual big-girl room.  Below are the fabrics I chose....

I just know this project is going to take me forever!  Hoping it will be worth it!

I feel so lucky to have these days with her... I can't say that enough.  I feel even more lucky to know where my loved ones are and know that they are safe...

Last Weds, Jon's place of work completely burnt to the ground.  Today, the earth quake in Japan took many many lives....

We are all so very lucky these days!

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