Monday, January 6, 2014

Art Does the Soul Good

There is something amazingly therapeutic about drawing and coloring at random.  Aurelia enjoys this very much and it has become a way for her and I to bond, focus on each other, and relax.  We take a blank piece of paper out with all of her crayons, and just start to draw and color randomly.  

Aurelia loves to play pretend with her dad, and will never let me join in, so it was a delight when I found something just she and I can share.  What a treat! 

Tonight, I brought out the oil and chalk pastels and we had a blast blending colors!  

One of my on-going goals is to really be present when I am around her.  I feel that it is especially important now with a baby on the way when special alone time with this girl will be limited.  I hope she loves being a big sister and that the transition goes well. 

A quote that really stuck with me all day today is:

"Enough is abundance for the wise"

I am enough.  

I may not be making pinterest-perfect projects with my child, but we do make art together and that time together is more than enough for me.

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