Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mel's Cabin

I was lucky enough to have last weekend off from work so Jon, Arie, Mila, Jon's sister, Kristina, his parents, Jon's cousin,Melissa, her husband, Chris, and I went up to Melissa and Chris' cabin near Cayuna.

It was a much needed weekend after a very busy few weeks at work, and a busy time at home.  We were so lucky to have some time away.  It was a playground for us all.  We canoed, went on the paddle boat, and the paddle board...we went swimming, we played in the sand, Jon caught some frogs and minnows for the girls, and we saw loons, golden finches, and woodpeckers...and incredible sunsets.  

I was reminded this weekend of what life was really about.  Life is about love, family, friends, memories,  and laughter.  Life isn't about the things you own, the money you make, the job you have, or the car you drive.  It's really easy to forget that sometimes.  

I feel so blessed to have a job I love- one in which I make a real difference in the world--even if it's a very small difference.  I feel blessed to have my family and friends and our memories.  

Life is good.

I'm very excited to close out the summer--this summer was another busy one!  I will be starting class next week and it sounds funny but our life actually slows down with the start of a school year, and I'm very much looking forward to it.  

I'm also very excited for fall....the colors, the baking, the getting ready for the holidays, the football...togetherness.

Below are a few photos from this past weekend.  

We really had a blast! 

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