Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flower Farm Playdate

Arie's daycare is off this week so I had today off with her.  Luckily, Kristina and Mila were available to join us on our adventure to a local flower farm.  It was about 10 miles north of Stillwater, and just gorgeous!

I've been wanting to visit a flower farm for months--ever since I saw pics of my friends in the Pacific Northwest and their adventure to tulip farms.  I'm so glad Arie and I had a chance to visit Renee and her farm.  The girls had a blast walking through the pretty flowers, feeling the "brain" flowers, catching toads, and getting lost in them.  I even got to see two humming birds!

Here are a few photos from today's adventure...

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  1. Beautiful! I love Arie in her little shawl...nothing like a little magic in fields of flowers!