Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mila and Arie- friends, god-sisters...

Arie gets really excited when she gets to see her cousins.  We took Mila for the evening on Friday so her parents could get a break...and so we could get some time with her.  She is very attached to her parents and she was a little weepy in the beginning.  The only person who could comfort her was Arie.  It was SO CUTE.  We went on a walk and she only wanted to hold Arie's hand... we were at the playground and she screamed Arie's name...she followed her around.  Arie was great with her too.  

I think these two will be good friends as they grow up.  It's really nice to have Jon's sister so near... it's nice to have Mila around for Arie to play with.  

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